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Individual Therapy

I work collaboratively with my clients on their hopes and goals to develop individualized treatment plans. I see therapy as a space that can help in several ways, whether it involves helping people with self-acceptance, self-compassion, recognizing their strengths or making changes that would contribute to growth. I provide individual therapy online (through video calls) or in-person (in North West London). I can also meet through a combination of both. 

If you are interested in working with me or have any questions I can help with, please reach out. I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation to see how I can best help you with your current needs. If you decide to meet after, we can set up an initial consultation in person or online. In this first session, I attempt to get a more detailed sense of your needs and hopes, and tell you more about what you can expect from therapy. 


Please contact me to discuss my session fee. 

Areas of Expertise

I work with clients on a range of concerns such as relationship difficulties, women’s health, transition to motherhood, pregnancy and postpartum mental health, parental concerns, anxiety, depression, life-transitions, grief and loss, adjustment and changing identities. 

My training and educational qualifications are in the domains of counseling psychology and psychotherapy. I have conducted research and published several papers on psychotherapy. My research also involves women’s mental health and career development, and therapist training. I have worked at universities in academic positions and teaching roles for the last 7 years. I use my expertise in the area of psychotherapy research and training to inform my individual practice. 
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